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The weather in Marbella


Refit Margot anno 2016

19 - 04 - 16

Margot is completely revised and again on his way towards Antwerp, find the latest pics of Margot under the tab Galleries

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no dolphins but a great sea turtle

23 - 07 - 13

find out the pictures in the photo gallerie of the Saene family today with Margot 

No encouters of dolphins today,      but a great view of a sea turtle just passing by

you can see the pictures on facebook and Flickt...
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David Saenen and his family on Margot

23 - 07 - 13

Today David and his wife will come on board together with their children to enjoy the Alboran Blue waters for an exciting trip after a year of hard work 

Find out their pictures on the gallerie tab tomorrow morning  ......

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Arne Demi and the group of dolphins in the blue waters of Albaron

23 - 07 - 13

Yesterday we encoutered some dolphins swimming around and the deep blue waters of the Alboran Sea

Th pictures you will find in the gallerie tab
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Arne and Demi

16 - 07 - 13

they arrive this morning 

Find out their experiences with margot in Marbella on the gallery tab and on facebook or Flickr soon available

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Rodney and Garry in Marbella

16 - 07 - 13

in the latest album on the gallery tab you find the pictures of Rodney, Garry and his friends during a funny fishing trip with Margot yesterday. A pitty Denis had to stop early due some sea sickness. we will do that again the next coming days!!!!

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The Govaerts Family part Two

19 - 06 - 13

Today the Govaerts family will arrive @ Marbella again. Find out there stories on the Gallerie tab soon.

This afternoon again hunting after dolphins with some tourists at the Alboran blue waters

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bachelor and birthday party @ Marbella

15 - 06 - 13

Today Margot had the pleasure to welcome  Becky and Longnan on board to celebrate their Bachelor and Birthday party

Find out their experiences on the gallerie tab and on facebook and flickr

Album @ galleries BACHELOR BECKY !!!!! Read more

Dolphins in Marbella!!!!!!

31 - 05 - 13

find out the pictures on the latest photo album under the tab Galleries or on Flickr and facebook

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The Govaerts Family part one

26 - 05 - 13

Today the Govaerts Clan arrived @ Marbella....

Follow their adventures on Facebook and Flickr



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